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Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to the Parents Blog!

This is a place for you to share ideas, experiences and helpful information you have learned on your journey with your children.  I would like for it to be a supportive and caring environment for you to share your joys, victories and trials with one another.  Sometimes the best ideas come from those who have travelled the road before you.


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from TLC


We are often asked, "when are you going to work on fine motor skills?"

Sometimes we are asked, "when are you going to work on fine motor skills like the other therapist did?"

While we understand your concerns about fine motor skills and our kiddos have to use them everyday in school and in doing self care, we take a different approach.

Fine motor skills begin to develop when there is stability in the trunk of the body.  A developmentally typical 6 month old can hold that SUPERMAN POSTURE we are always talking about for 30-60 seconds.  From that core stability comes the ability to move at the shoulders, elbows and hands in a directed fashion 

The next important thing that has to come into play for fine motor skills to develop is visual attention, eye teaming skills, visual tracking and visual fixation. This goes back to working on reflex development.  If a child cannot visually attend or focus, fine motor skills cannot develop.

 The first part of actual hand skills development starts with wrist extension and separation of the ulnar (fingers 4 and 5 and half of 3) and the radial side of the hand (which is the thumb and first finger and half of the middle finger). This is  brought about developmentally by  CRAWLING ON THEIR HANDS AND KNEES 

Once you have separation of two sides of the hand, then cutting and writing come into play.  We could choose to work on just fine motor, but if we work on the underlying issues we also get better visual motor, visual perception, hand dominance and lets not forget that all important reflex integration that allows the body, eyes and hands to work together.

This is why you don't see us sitting at a table working on fine motor very often.  When we address the underlying issues the fine motor comes along with many other skills that help integrate the entire body and affect many areas of their lives. Fine motor comes without torture to the kid and without tracing letters. We feel its better for all kids and much more fun !!



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